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17 July 2015 | ACS Partnered with Refilwe Community Project for:
67 Minutes of Mandela Day July 2015

ACS gives back to the community by living their values .The organisation prides itself in their six pillar values which are;

1. Integrity & Honesty,
2. Mutual Respect,
3. Transparency & Openness,
4. Service Excellence,
5. Socially Responsible
6. Reliability.

ACS employees are inspired by Nelson Mandela‘s when he said “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”

The initiative to partner with Refilwe was inspired by the organisation’s passion to offer the children of the surrounding communities not just a safe haven but also a place of quality education with the School Holiday Club Programme. The Holiday Club was created to be a connection point between the children of the Joe Slovo settlement, the children and staff of Refilwe. Most of all it was a connection point between Gods, the children of Joe Slovo and Refilwe whom He dearly loves. Refilwe also strives to understand the true needs of the community and strategically address them.


Thorough the holiday programme Refilwe has seen the trust grow between them and the children of Joe Slovo community as well as an enthusiasm for God.

Refilwe has seen strong relationship built between the community and Refilwe.

They have seen God continue to provide funding for the Holiday Club out of His grace and generosity of His people.

The Holiday Club brings healing and transformation to the lives of the kids.

ACS made a donation towards education funding and sponsored the Holiday Club. ACS Management and staff spent the day with the children participating in various activities.

The children were pampered with goodies and face painting. Teenage boys and girls were issued with toiletries

Refilwe Community Project Brief Background:

Our main focus is child care at Refilwe. Our God Parent Programme uses a family-based foster care model where we provide safe and stable home environments for 30 vulnerable children. The children are placed with foster parents within a loving family unit called a God Parent family. We provide for up to 10 God Parent families living at Refilwe. Each family consists of between 4 to 6 children. The Department of Social Development places each child with a suitable God Parent family, by court order. The children receive quality education, beginning at the Refilwe Early Childhood Development Centre and continuing through very reputable local primary and secondary schools. Our desire over the course of the next year, is to provide a programme that will accommodate and facilitate the older children through a process of growth and self-development to independence

Refilwe’s ECD Centre

As a community development organisation, we aim to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children in our local communities. This is the main reason why Refilwe Community Project started a preschool. At Refilwe we believe that the basis of success in education is a good grounding; especially between the ages of 2 and 6. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development is crucial at these ages.

Our passion for children brought us to the point where we felt it was vital to offer the children of the surrounding communities not just a safe haven but also a place of quality education. The Refilwe Pre School started with 5 children in a small room in a house on our site. It has now grown into a four classroom school with 83 children in total.

We offer them 3 meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) a day in an attempt to ensure they are getting a nutritious meal at least twice a day. The classes are conducted in English and we do our best to ensure they get the very best education from us using the resources we have.

For more go to: www.refilwe.org/community-development


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